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Damajagua waterfalls Featured

Written by Elbert Fernandez
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Foto de los 27 charcos.com Foto de los 27 charcos.com Fuente: 27 charcos.com

Puerto Plata. - Located near the town of Damajagua in Dominican Republic’s north coast we find  one of the island’s newly discovered treasures: the 27 waterfalls.

Just when you thought you had the DR figured out once again it surprises you with yet another attraction very different from those which are usually publicized for this beautiful land


The 27 waterfalls (27 charcos is the name in Spanish) is a series of falls that mark the progress of the Damajagua river. Located about an hour’s drive away from the city of Puerto Plata and it’s tourists resorts it is an ideal choice for all those looking for a different type of experience away from the beaches.

The first impression received by the visitor upon arriving to this exotic spot is that of a jungle adventure as it requires an invigorating 30 minute walk along a river bank marked with numerous bends and crystal clear waters. This short trek helps the visitor to get acclimated wit what’s in stock for him / her. 

 The complex set of river bends and steep falls included on the Damajagua landscape is complemented by light blue waters which constantly vary in depth as the travel progresses. The majority of visitor’s go for the “light” version of the trip which only encompasses the first 7 falls as this version of the trip is suited for younger visitors and those unwilling to “go a bit further” to maximize their experience. The more experienced (and daring) adventurers can opt for going the distance on the whole 27 fall experience. In all, the complete trip can be finished in bout 5 hours of excitement filled hiking and swimming. 

This trip would be nothing without the company of the local guides that make a living out taking the tourists through these tricky treks. Formerly a disorganized group of local boys they have evolved into several organizations which serve the numerous tours that have made this the newest hot spot on the north coast. These guides are a very well prepared unit of men who will warranty the enjoyment of this incredible spot within the standard  measures of safety for an environment such as this one.

As you are visiting don’t miss out on the opportunity to slide down some of these falls. We know it sounds crazy but you will only know what we’re talking about until you take the chance of doing this. While this practice is not inherently dangerous in itself we strongly recommend that you take the necessary precautions such as verifying water depth before attempting any slides or dives into these paradisiacal waters.

 So.what are you waiting for? Get your suit ready and come enjoy this one of a kind


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