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Heroes: A Perspective after 20 episodes Featured

Written by alex
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Santo domingo.-
Heroes is the amazing TV-serie from NBC, that face the ability from somes people whos alter in the DNA gives them special abilitys, but not much of them are good people.


After 20 epidoses, this serie is great my friends, most of them watch the show, the rest is tired of listening to us so are getting the first sight so are watching the beginning.

I was searching tips, codes, so i wanna tell you all.

I have a Timetable of some events, that i thing are great points to show:

Past day:
Sylar meet Dr. Sureshs and after some test he decide to leave him, Sylar goes mad and kill the guy with the telekinesis  ability.
Ap 24th:
Charlie Birthday, Hiro gift her a phrase books 2 days later.

Oct 2nd:  Present Day
hiro is in the subway and arrive NY, take the comic book.

Oct 4th:
Hiro back from the past, Ando and Hiro goes to LA, because of the comic book.
Sylar strikes and kill Molly's parents, Parkman listen Molly's whisper.
Niki meet Nathan Petrelli.
Mohinder and Peter in the subway, future Hiro meet Peter, "save the cheerleader, save the world", "be the one we need"

Oct 5th
Peter talks with isaac about the vision and finish the painting of the cheerleader.
Hiro is in LA, call Isaac and talk with Peter, lets the journey begins.
Nathan almost caught by Bennet to put the track system to him.

Oct 6th:
Hiro meet Charlie in Texas, she told that had japanese prhasebook for her birthday.
Sylar kills Charlie and Hiro goes back to save her, but he went for her Birthday.

Oct. 8th:
Hiro comes back and landed in Japan
Peter stop Sylar, but because Hiro isn't there he could not kill Sylar.

Oct 22nd.
Prophetic dream from Peter, he's the bomb.
Hiro takes the sword with the "Godsend' symbol.
The first look to "the List".
Hiro meet Isaac, Nathan and Simone.
Training days for Peter with Claude as a tutor.

Day later
Isaac kills Simone trying to kill Peter.
Sylar went to Bennet's home to kill Claire.
Parkman and Ted went to Bennet for answer, and Ted goes nuclear but Claire stop it.
The Hatian talks to claire's Grandma, she's in the good side
Hiro take the sword and teletransported to the future, again.
Jessica must kill Nathan.
Linderman shows up.
Mohinder try to kill Sylar, peter and Sylar fight.
Peter reset when Clair take out the crystal piece from his head

Nov. 9th:
Hiro first trip to the future before goes back to Oct. 4th.
Isaac's Aparment, hiro founded him dead.
Bomb Day

Nov. 9th (five years after the bomb/Alternate future)
Present hiro arrives after another failed teletransport, this time in a parallel future.
future Hiro tells him that he went to the past to stop but he must failed.
Sylar wasn't dead just change the form due Candence's ability.
Sylar kills Claire.

this future the bomb exist because Hiro went to the past and didn't kill Sylar on the homecoming and when the last time he  teletransported he landed in the future without kill Sylar.

 Every time Hiro travel in time is in the time he prepare while leaving the actual time, trought 20 episode i guess the only time he change the future is when the girl try to kill him and Ando.

what you think?

Some websites:

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